Galeria de fotos
Galería de Fotos 2010

.: Curso internacional para instructores impartido por Shian Antonio Piñero. Oslo (Noruega). Enero.

General meeting and training seminar in Norway.

The weekend of January 29,30 and 31 2010 a training seminar with Shihan Antonio Pinero was arranged in Oslo.
This is a yearly event that is very much appreciated by all club leaders.
This time all club leader participated except one.
Shihan Antonio was very enthusiastic teaching from the new Syllabus. We managed to go trough all katas including the Tekkis and Bassai Dai.
Also all the extra techniques that are now included.
But I cannot understand why our dear Spanish Shihan Antonio always must do some training out in the snow. -15 degrees C!!
We all enjoyed the training.
Since this training seminar is arranged every year it is a good way to keep up the karate knowledge in our 21 clubs.

On Saturday night we arranged the General Meeting. In the meeting everyone could express her/ his opinions and the meeting was in a very positive atmosphere.
This year it was election for the President. Lars Hogquist was re-elected for the next 2 years.
And NKKO added a new club.

All the best,
Lars Hogquist, CR of Norway.


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